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Is Hand-Brewed Coffee A Dying Art?

Most coffee drinkers drink their coffee with single cup brewers such as Keurig’s, or Nespresso brewers from the comfort of their own home. Pod coffee methods of brewing have continued to show growth, and while many consider this to be a natural evolution for coffee brewing, others may not be so keen on this growing trend. There are other more traditional options for making coffee that produces better results and takes only a few seconds longer to make. While the argument of quality between various methods remains unsettled, one question continues to remain prevalent as time goes by. Why has the recent development of pod coffee brewers been so popular with coffee drinkers?

The Convenience of Pod Coffee Makers
One argument made about pod coffee brewers is that they are convenient. One can enjoy a nice cup of coffee in their own homes without traveling anywhere. But some say traditional drippers don’t have that much more of a learning curve when compared to pod coffee makers. And they are just as convenient as its competitor.

The Most Popular Option for Brewing
As new methods of coffee become more common, the tradition of making fresh, quality coffee that has a superior taste becomes a dying art. The ease at which making coffee by hand is made makes it only that much puzzling as less and fewer people approach coffee in a traditional sense. Traditional coffee is also immensely more environmentally healthy. K-cups have caused an environmental issue that continues to grow, due to the tremendously large amounts of small plastic cups disposed on a daily basis.

Making It the Old-Fashioned Way
You don’t have to be a professional barista to make a good cup of quality brewed coffee, and it’s also not excessively expensive. The process of making coffee by hand is also not a lengthy process. Simple cones or drippers can cost as little as $20 to $30, and grinders typically sell for the same price. The filter paper is also extremely cost-effective compared to a modern-day coffee maker.

The Coffee Making Method for You
While the convenience of modern coffee makers is undeniable the more popular option, hand-brewed coffee provides the best quality by far. From measuring your needs to considering what is important to you, and how to expect the quality of coffee to be. When the quality of life provided by Keurig’s is 15 seconds saved, is it worth sacrificing the quality of your coffee?


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