Exceptional Coffees And Teas From All Across The Globe

Our coffee beans are fresh roasted daily and shipped in heat-sealed valve bags for maximum freshness.

Our Mission

We are a faith based company here at Tangie’s Corp, we value our commitment and dedication to not only meeting the needs of our customers, but also in that of our communities. Our desire is to allow our already envisioned non-for profit organizations, to not only lead in establishing a new face of change for impacting local and global communities. But also the offering of a Corporation to the general public that will set an uncompromising standard in which we will strive wholeheartedly in accomplishing daily. With the help and support of loyal customers like you. We will rebuild and establish new relationships in this industry, relationships that reflect equality through the principles of love, trust and support. As a corporation an amount of our profits and proceeds will be donated towards funding further research and development of medicinal cannabis and organizations that support all forms of cancer. As a family with a compilation of experiences in the healthcare industry, we understand and value our position to not only make positive impacts the lives of our families but in that of yours. We greatly appreciate your support of our vision, and we look forward to serving you and your families for many years to come.
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