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Is Hand-Brewed Coffee A Dying Art?

Most coffee drinkers drink their coffee with single cup brewers such as Keurig’s, or Nespresso brewers from the comfort of their own home. Pod coffee methods of brewing have continued to show growth, and while many consider this to be a natural evolution for coffee brewing, others may not be so keen on this growing trend. There are other more traditional options for making coffee that produces better results and takes only a few seconds longer to make. While the argument of quality between various methods remains unsettled, one question continues to remain prevalent as time goes by. Why has the recent development of pod coffee brewers been so popular with coffee drinkers?

The Convenience of Pod Coffee Makers
One argument made about pod coffee brewers is that they are convenient. One can enjoy a nice cup of coffee in their own homes without traveling anywhere. But some say traditional drippers don’t have that much more of a learning curve when compared to pod coffee makers. And they are just as convenient as its competitor.

The Most Popular Option for Brewing
As new methods of coffee become more common, the tradition of making fresh, quality coffee that has a superior taste becomes a dying art. The ease at which making coffee by hand is made makes it only that much puzzling as less and fewer people approach coffee in a traditional sense. Traditional coffee is also immensely more environmentally healthy. K-cups have caused an environmental issue that continues to grow, due to the tremendously large amounts of small plastic cups disposed on a daily basis.

Making It the Old-Fashioned Way
You don’t have to be a professional barista to make a good cup of quality brewed coffee, and it’s also not excessively expensive. The process of making coffee by hand is also not a lengthy process. Simple cones or drippers can cost as little as $20 to $30, and grinders typically sell for the same price. The filter paper is also extremely cost-effective compared to a modern-day coffee maker.

The Coffee Making Method for You
While the convenience of modern coffee makers is undeniable the more popular option, hand-brewed coffee provides the best quality by far. From measuring your needs to considering what is important to you, and how to expect the quality of coffee to be. When the quality of life provided by Keurig’s is 15 seconds saved, is it worth sacrificing the quality of your coffee?


How to Brew Coffee Like A Pro


Creating the perfect cup of coffee is an art that at times requires a steady hand. It’s hard to believe such an extensive variety of flavor originates from small coffee beans. With such an overwhelming amount of options to choose from, making great blends of coffee can seem intimidating to beginners at first glance. Luckily, it doesn’t take a master brewer to make a tasty cup. All it takes to make that perfect refreshing morning beverage is the right equipment and you’ll be on your way to mastery!

Truthfully there are many factors that all affect how your final product will taste. Equipment, your bean selection, and even the way you pour water over your coffee grounds all have an impact on how your coffee will taste. Today shoppers are provided with the best grinds in stores thanks to the efforts of farmers, baristas, and importers. Many individuals are under the impression that finding the right ingredients and equipment creates an inconvenience. The truth is that you don’t need the most expensive, expensive coffee maker to get the job done. In fact, the only trait a coffee maker will have that matters will be its ability to brew cups manually.


Automatic or Manual

Manual brewing coffee makers have the option to be manipulated to create the best results. Another benefit to brewing coffee manually is its pricing. Automatic coffee makers tend to be much more expensive than manual options, and they also don’t provide as much control as manual options provide. Manual coffee makers can vary from $17 to $70 depending on the type of machine that best suits your needs.


What Kind of Coffee Maker Is Right for Me?

There is an enormous range of options to choose from when deciding which manual option is best for your needs. For example, French presses are great for beginners and are versatile, since you also have the option to make them cold brews and lattes. Espresso makers provide lightning fast results. Coffee drippers use filters, which provide super clean tasting coffee. Beehouse coffee drippers even allow you to pour coffee straight into the cup providing convenience for your morning rushes.


Take the Time to Learn

Once you find the right coffee maker for you it’s important to stay focused. Choose one device and stick to it, so that you can learn and master it. Grinding whole beans just before you brew provides the freshest results. You can also go to your favorite coffee shop and ask them to grind a weeks’ worth of beans saving you prep time while still having good results.


The Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee & Tea

Most people enjoy coffee because of the combination of great taste and an extra kick of energy it gives in the morning, but did you know that coffee and Tea relates to several health benefits as well? It’s common knowledge that coffee has a large quantity of caffeine inside of it, but what many don’t know is that caffeine has components that can prevent disease and boost your body’s immune system. It’s not just caffeine that helps your body too. Other quantities of antioxidants that are also infused in coffee and tea leaves have been credited with protecting your body as well from a variety of different medical hazards.


How Coffee Protects You

Coffee has a high concentration of antioxidants, that neutralize free radicals that cause cell degradation. Antioxidants can prevent premature aging and prevent cancers from developing. Various studies have demonstrated coffee to slow tumor growth due to its neutralizing agents and other properties.


Lower Chanced of Dementia and Alzheimers

New studies have also shown that caffeine in coffee and tea also stimulates brain activity and ultimately protects against diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer. There’s also been some contemplation on whether it helps lessen the risk of Parkinson’s disease.


Protection Against Cardiovascular Disease

Consumption of tea and coffee may also lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and even may lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


Stronger Immune System                                                                                                                           

Recent studies show that coffee, white and green teas can help boost the immune system.


It’s a common misconception that too much caffeine can cause side effects, but with all the benefits that coffee and tea brings, it seems like the pros outweighs the cons.


The Many Benefits of Coffee

Coffee has an assortment of health benefits that can strengthen your immune system to help fight diseases. The most popular reason to drink coffee comes from its refreshing taste and the energy it gives. The real benefits come from the incredible health benefits it provides. Due to high levels of antioxidants and other benefits, coffee drinkers are less likely to develop several harmful diseases. Here are the many benefits of drinking coffee.


It Makes You Smarter

Coffee makes you smarter and increases your energy levels. Sound too good to be true? The science speaks for itself. The stimulant, caffeine, travels from the bloodstream to the brain and blocks the neurotransmitter adenosine. Many functions of the brain are enhanced by caffeine’s involvement. Memory, mood, vigilance, and a spike in energy levels are just a few functions improved upon coffee consumption.


It Helps You Lose Weight

Drinking coffee helps to burn fat. In fact, caffeine is in almost every fat burning supplement, and for good reason. Various studies have shown that caffeine boosts your metabolic rate and shows that it can improve fat burning by 10% in obese individuals.


It Helps You Be More Active

Your overall physical performance is improved with coffee consumption, due to the beverage stimulating your nervous system and increasing your adrenaline. This hormone in the body is affected and the hormone prepares your body for extreme exertion.


It Gives You Nutrients

Riboflavin, Panathenaic acid, Manganese, Potassium, Magnesium, and Niacin are all essential nutrients contained in a single cup of coffee. While the small levels of these nutrients might not make a huge impact on your daily intake at first, consume more a than a single cup a day and these levels add up quickly.


It Prevents Type-2 Diabetes

Recent studies have shown that coffee consumption lowers the overall risk of type-2 diabetes. In some cases, the results show reductions as high as 67% suggesting coffee to be a great method for avoiding the disease that affects millions of people worldwide.


It Prevents Alzheimer’s

Coffee consumption prevents Alzheimer’s disease according to recent studies. Although there is no known cure for Alzheimer’s disease, coffee drinkers have up to a 65% lower risk rate of developing the disease.


It Prevents Parkinson’s

Caffeine prevents Parkinson’s by delaying the death of dopamine-generating neurons in the brain. Note, because the decreased rate is linked to caffeine itself, decaf does not prevent Parkinson’s.


It Protects Your Liver

Cirrhosis is much less of a risk for people who drink coffee. Several diseases that can damage your liver are prevented by coffee intake.


It Makes You Happier

Depression is an underrated issue that affects millions. Coffee intake appears to lower depression by increasing dopamine levels. Studies have shown suicide rates are also lowered upon coffee consumption.


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